A Tale of Two Rounds…


Players turned out in good numbers for the Spence Dix and Co Stroke round on Saturday, played in excellent conditions. The course was providing a good reward for consistent strokeplay and good position on the challenging greens, with any ball above the hole requiring a ‘Hail Mary’ before the putt was hit! Greens were especially fast and the fourth in particular saw more than one group go through with all players on a bogey or worse due to the challenging pin position and fast green.

Shane Cleggett produced the consistent strokeplay and putting finesse to win the A Grade with a score of 80, Nett 69, in a round full of smooth, powerful drives off the tee and good fairway play. The highlight of the day was Cleggett’s chip from the top edge of the 9th. Stranded 15m past the green from a gutted tee shot, Cleggett perfected a chip which ‘died’ at the top edge of the green and with its last roll toppled over the edge and drifted all the way down to the hole, missing a birdie by millimetres. Cleggett’s round also included a drive of almost 300m on the 16th and tee shots on the 11th and 14th holes that normally would have won the Nearest the Pins. The best score of the day however belonged to Pete McAuley, shooting 85, Nett 67 with his typical combination of powerful tee shots and big hits of the fairway. McAuleys time in the B Grade must now be a matter of decimal points. Other notable scores for the day included Tyler Bleasby with a Nett 71, including the Nearest the Pin on the 11th, beating Cleggetts tee shot and a monster hit on the 17th which hit a gum tree all of 280m away on the full. After Bleasby, Tony Richman returned to some form with a Nett 73, Simon Leek on Nett 74 and Willy Little on Nett 75. Pete Rivett came back to celebrate his B Grade title and finished second in the B Grade on Nett 70, with Tim Hedges on 74 and Daren O’Neill a 76. In the C Grade Barry Cakebread reared up to score a winning Nett 71, with Don Cook close behind on 72, and Jim Gelton and Mark Wachtel on 74 and 77 respectively.

All the Nearest the Pins were won but no birdie putts went down on the fast greens, after Bleasby’s 11th hole result, Willy Little got some of his par 3 magic back with the prize on the 4th, while Bob Dicker scored on the ninth and Jim Gelton won the ball on the long 14th hole. Graham Sellars completed a day where the A Graders failed to dominate in the sharp shooting by taking out the nearest in two shots prize on the 3rd hole.

The Second Round…

Amidst the stroke round the Wittlaocka final was also played, pitting Cleggett and Hedges against Leek and O’Neill and it proved to be a genuine matchplay affair. Hedges and Cleggett played some strong golf on the front nine with Hedges coming in with a 42 off the stick and Cleggett just one over par on 38, this including an approach from Hedges from over 120m out on the 7th which finished just a foot from the hole, to win the hole and put the pair one up, which they held in finishing the first nine. Leek and O’Neill were hanging in the match however, hitting crucial well timed shots to keep the final alive. With the start of the back nine Leek and O’Neill squared the contest on the tenth, and kept it level on the 11th when Leek hit a superb chip from the rough to a matter of centimetres from the hole. The match swayed both ways as high standard shots were played, with Hedges sinking a long putt to halve the 15th after Cleggett was unlucky to lose a mystery ball with his second shot, no doubt destined to be found when it falls out of a tree this week! The 15th was the start of successive holes where matchplay putts went down, O’Neill sinking one on the 17th to give the pair the lead. The 18th again tested the bowel actions as Cleggett sunk a chip from off the green, meaning O’Neill had to sink a 2 metre putt to halve the hole, which he lagged in to take the match and the Wittalocka.

The Stableford round on Wednesday sponsored by Retail Therapy and Hendriks Rural was played in cold conditions but otherwise good for golf, with a good field of players turning out. Eventually ‘chilling out’ to take the day was Michelle Moreton, scoring 34 points, ahead of Barb Little on 32 points. Division Two also saw players work hard for a decent score, Ingrid Gelton playing it the best with 33 points, followed by Jane Ricker on 32 and Louise Hannemann and Annett Snajdar on 28 points. Two Nearest the Pins were contested, Andy Hunt scoring on the 4th and Mel Johnson producing the best two shots on the 14th hole. In the driving contests, Lesleigh Edwards had a consistent day off the tee, hitting 16 of 18 tee shots on to fairways, while Lisa O’Neill produced the straightest drive for the day on 6th fairway.

As part of the day a Stableford Multiplication round was also played, where partners multiplied scores on each hole. Adapting best to the team format was Barb Little and Jane Ricker, who teamed up to win the prize with 54 Stableford points. The tradition of recording ferrets was also continued and this week Mel Johnson chipped in on the difficult 12th green, while Gill Brook did the same on the large 6th green.

The Ladies this week contest the Bendigo Bank Par round and fourth round of the Captains trophy, followed the next Wednesday by the Brinkworth’s Stroke and Secret Nine round. Next Saturday the Men battle it out for the ANZ Banking Group Par round, with the Good Country Physiotherapy Stableford round on Saturday week.

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