Building Form for the Keith Open Weekend.

The standard of golf went up over the last two weeks as players get into the swing of things for the Keith Ladies and Men’s Opens. Close scores were the feature in both Men’s and Ladies events, as players hit form and others crashed and burned.

Riddoch Par

The Riddoch Insurance Services Par round on June 6th was a classic example of the two sides of form, red hot or icy cold. In unusual June conditions, being warm and sunny, players got stuck into the course, which bit back as well. With generous sponsors prizes on offer, high scores decided the winners in each grade, with the A Grade coming down to a count back as Shane Cleggett won the grade by virtue of better finishing holes than Steve Gurr, after both players had finished on +4 for the round. The B Grade produced a similar winning scoreline as Men’s Captain Tony Richman hit some good form with +4, with Bob Moreton coming in second on -3 in a count back from Bob Dicker. Don Cook finished with the best score of the day, +5 to take out the C Grade, four strokes ahead of Daren O’Neill in second place. Beyond the winning scores the interesting development was the pattern of the rest of the scores, with only seven scores overall finishing on square or better, all other players stroking into the negatives. Of the sharpshooters Gurr did receive further compensation for finishing second in a count back, scoring a birdie on the 9th and taking out the Nearest the Pins in two shots on the 3rd and 17th. There were other profitable efforts, including Bradley Sherriff, who shot closest on the fourth and fourteenth holes, as well as shooting nearest in three shots on the first; Rodney Rowsell for the closest shot on the ninth and Ian Tobin who shot to within 15cm on the 11th to sink a birdie putt.

Double A Diner Club Foursomes

On Wednesday June 3rd, the Ladies turned out for the Club Foursomes event sponsored by Double A Diner. In warm conditions, there were a variety of the spectacular and not so spectacular, as players combined to produce a closely fought out day. Best score for the day in the end went to Robin Redden and Tania Kennett on Nett 82, finishing off better than Sandra Yates and Carol Miller who lost out on a count back. Scores were still close to decide third and fourth, as Mel Johnson and Gill Brook took third prize on Nett 83 ½, edging out Anthea Brinkworth and Di Ashby on Nett 84 ½, who had fourth place for consolation. Other notable performances included Brinkworth’s Nearest the Pin on the 9th, with Carol Miller taking out the same contest on the 11th hole. On the 6th, Marg Groth hit the straightest drive of the day, while Johnson and Brinkworth polished off their rounds with chip ins on 13th and 14th holes.

Cox Rural Stableford.

Players turned out in large numbers for Saturday’s Cox Rural Stableford event, which was once again played in very good conditions. Solid scores were put on the board as some players started to work on their form with the Open approaching. Winning the day on an excellent score of 40 Stableford points was Andrew Morris, who continued his good form on his return to golf. Morris finish two strokes ahead of a group of A Grade players, Brenton Goldsmith getting second place with a count back win over Shane Cleggett after both finished on 38 points. The good form continued down the list as winners from all grades came in with impressive cards. After Goldsmith and Cleggett, Willy Little claimed third place in the top grade on 36 points, with Tony Richman coming in fourth on 34 points. Pete Rivett similarly in B Grade shot a solid score, coming in with 37 points, two ahead of Tim Hedges on 35, with Pete McAuley holding off Daniel Rayson on a count back with 34 points. After Morris’ score in the C Grade, the next best was Bob Standley on 37 points, while Dean Dunsford and Don Cook showed glimpses of form in scoring 35 points each. The Ladies also turned out in force and Robin Redden benefitted through winning the Ladies prize with a score of 35 points, following this up with a birdie putt on the 11th hole.

Accurate shots were also rewarded on other holes with Nearest the Pin prizes, as Ian Tobin shot the closest on the fourth hole, and Steve Gurr did the same on the 9th, also sinking his birdie putt from just over a metre. Other sharp shooting rewards went to Brenton Goldsmith, on the 11th, Pete McAuley on the 14th, while Pete Rivett shot the Nearest in Two on the 7th hole. Finishing off the competition events, there were further birdie putt winners, Tim Hedges sinking his putt on the 9th, while Brenton Goldsmith and Jim Gelten downed putts on the 11th hole.

Lorna Henstridge Day

Players turned out for a Stableford event on Wednesday, but the main motivation for being out there was club legend Lorna Henstridge’s 101st birthday. In good weather there was a strong turnout of players, with the best form displayed by Mel Johnson, scoring 37 points to win the day. Second place was a tight affair, Barb Little prevailing here with 35 points, taking second on a count back from Michelle Moreton. There was also lots of form displayed in the sharpshooter events, Robin Redden showing good style to take out the closest shot on the 9th hole, the straightest drive on the second fairway and a chip in on the fourth hole. Not to be outdone, Little hit with style to get the closest tee shot to the flag on the 11th and 14th holes, while also getting a birdie on the 11th; the remaining prizes for the day going to Carol Miller for her accurate tee shot on the fourth hole, and Tania Kennett for her birdie putt on the 9th green.

Keith Open Weekend

Next weekend is the biggest on the Keith Golf Calendar as players compete in the Open weekend from Friday June 19th to Sunday June 21st. Starting with the Ladies Open on Friday 19th June, playing A Grade Stroke and B & C Grade Stableford events and sponsored by Farmers Centre Keith and LS Yates Windmill & Solar Pumps. Play starts with a shotgun start at 10am. The Saturday round consists of the Mixed Pinehurst Foursomes & Men’s Stableford round, with the Keith 18 Hole Men’s Open on the Sunday sponsored by Riddoch Insurance Services and Goldsmith Plumbing. Entry fees for Friday and Saturday is $15, and $25 for the Men’s Open on Sunday. Interested players can put their names down with Men’s Captain Tony Richman on 0418893165 or Ladies Captain Mel Johnson on 87566053 or 0428187566.


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