Green Fees & Membership

Green Fees

If you’re just passing through Keith, or visiting from near by, our course is open 7 days a week for to the public to come and enjoy a round. Being a volunteer club, the club house is not always open during the week. Simply place your green fees in the secure shoot near the club entrance.

2016 Fee TypeAmount
18 Holes$20
9 Holes$10
Weekly Green Fee$55


So you’ve played the course once and now your hooked! Our club is active in a range of social and competitive events and we welcome all new members.

2016 Membership TypeAmount
Full Membership$390
Full Membership (65+ Years)$310
Restricted Membership$120
Summer Membership$150
First time Membership$265
Junior not at School (Under 18 Years)$50
Junior at School (Under 18 Years)$25

What The?

Ok, so you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to membership options. Let us explain these options a little more clearly for you.

Full MembershipHere's the whole box and dice! 7 days playing rights, access to competition days, affiliation with golf link and a handicap. Everything you'll need to get working on your game.
Full Membership (65+ Years)We like caring for all people within our community, so if your 65 years young (or more) we'll give you a discount on the benefits of a Full Membership.
Restricted MembershipSo you're just like us and love the game, but don't feel like you're ready to start playing competitive golf. A Restricted Membership gives you 7 day access to the course so you can practice until your heart's content. Restrictions do apply on competition days.
Summer MembershipWe get it. Playing golf in the pooring rain isn't for everyone. But if you like hitting the greens with the sun on your back, our Summer Membership gives you our Restricted Membership during the glorious summer months between December 1 and March 31.
Non-ResidentFrom out of town? We'll still let you play! If you don't have the Keith postcode, you can still have a Restricted Membership at a portion of the cost.
First time MembershipWelcome Newbie! If this is your first time with Keith Golf Club, we'll give you a little sweetener for your first 12 months with a reduced membership fee.
Junior not at School (Under 18 Years)School isn't for everyone, but golf certainly is. Under 18s only, for those not at school.
Junior at School (Under 18 Years)Need a break from the books? No better balance to your study than hit at the course. Under 18s only, for those at school.