Groth the Course Slayer!

It was a case of “pleasant weather kills good golf” on Saturday as players turned out for the Frank Mugg Trophy and played out some shockers on the scorecard. The hallucinogenic qualities of great weather and a course in excellent condition got players in a trance as most scores were in the negatives for the Par round.

The question “What did you get?” was followed by answers like “Oh um, -9”, “-8!”, and “I got a -5” to which players had to be impressed, “that’s pretty good!”

Then Rodney Rowsell walked in, “and what did you get Rodney?” “He was square with the card”, another player replied. Sounds of approval resonated.

“Rodney’s beaten most players by four strokes or more!”

“How could this be? The course isn’t that hard today!”

Just at the point where players were starting to think that square was the best thing around on the day, in came Shaun Groth’s card, +6! “He’s beaten most players by….!” That’s right, doesn’t need saying. Shaun Groth came in and slayed the course and took home the prizes on Saturday in the season starting Par round. His spectacular +6 for the day came from his typical big hitting style combined with good approach play to the green, including a Nearest the Green in Two shots on the short Par 4 third hole, where an accurate drive was followed by a straight chip to the hole.

Having slayed most of the field a couple of other plus scores finally came in for the second and third places. Daren O’Neill scored a +3, thanks to a finish of three wins on the final three holes, the 7th, 8th and 9th, O’Neill hitting in some long shots on the 7th and 8th to then one putt and pull off unlikely results. Don Cook came in third with a +1, which included a Nearest the Pin on the 4th hole where he hit his tee shot to within 2 metres of the hole.

The other plays of the day included Shane Cleggett, who won the Nearest the Pin on the 9th, hitting to within a few metres, only to three putt on the fast putting surface. Rodney Rowsell was rewarded for his solid round with a Nearest the Pin on the 11th, which fully profited from when he also sunk the birdie putt, while Graham Jones, making a welcome return to the game, managed to also get a birdie on the same hole to add to his Nearest the Pin on the 14th, as part of his round of 98 off the stick.

With a solid start to the season, attention turns to the W Dunn Painting and Decorating Stableford to be played next Saturday, followed by the Tech Wool Trading Ambrose day on April 5th. It is a big month for golf as well with the SA Masters Games golf event at the Naracoorte Golf Club from Friday April 4th to Sunday April 6th. The Ladies also open their Winter season of golf on April 2nd, an Opening Day Ambrose. The golf season is off and running, and on a course that is looking magnificent after the summer heat.

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