When the Heat is On, The Scores Heat Up

Hot Sun on Desert

Keith golfers returned to form after the previous weekend’s Par round decimation as players turned out for the Stableford round sponsored by W Dunn Painting and Decorating. It was a tough day at the course as the heat and humidity threatened to make people wilt, but the course was playing beautifully with lush fairways and well paced greens. Through it all there was some above average scoring that will probably see a few handicaps change.

Through the heat haze charged Steve Gurr, who put together his rhythmic swing to correct the woes of his previous round where he shot a -9 Par score. This time Gurr eliminated the errors with some typical big hitting to rip out a score of 43 points that saw him win the day. Gurr’s score beat the closest challenger, Daren O’Neill by 3 points, with O’Neill on 40, followed by Ian Tobin on 38, beating Pete Rivett into third place on a countback.

Sharp shooters were rewarded in the calm conditions, Barry Cakebread in his comeback round scored the Nearest the Pin on the 4th, Graham Jones, also on the comeback trail hit to the closest position on the 9th hole, and Ian Tobin conquered the 11th hole. Tony Richman, never one to leave things half done, hit the a drive into the valley, just short of the 150m peg on the Par 5, number 6 hole to take out the Long Drive prize, while Daren O’Neill produced the straightest second shot to take out the Nearest the Pin in two strokes on the 17th hole.

Some spectacular shots occurred on the day, with O’Neill hitting to within a metre on the 8th, from 85 metres out and scoring a birdie on the 10th with a putt from just off the edge of the green. Tony Richman and Steve Gurr, both played the third hole to perfection to score birdies. The twelfth hole proved a challenge for Steve Gurr who struck tree interference on the right to end up short of the Ladies tee block. Gurr took up the challenge from here however to score his regulation points for the hole.

The Jekyll and Hyde performance for the day goes to Simon Leek. On the twelfth Simon managed to steer into the trees on the right, close to the tee block, with an unfortunate deflection his ball steered further into the impossible pine needle rough with a tree stump an imposing three metres in front of him and in his line. Not to be perturbed Simon took out an iron to hit the ball low and hard past the stump, at least that was the intention. The ball hit the stump, flew back past Leek and hit his own golf buggy, the trip down the fairway deteriorated from there. Leek responded in spectacular fashion on the 16th, with the most impressive shot for the day. After a long drive on the par 5 hole, he was caught in the left hand sandy rough on the 16th fairway and restricted with his swing by an overhead branch. He pulled out his 5 wood, measured up carefully with his backswing and hit the ball onto the green from over 200 metres out.

Next weekend is a big one at Keith with the Tech Wool Trading Golf Day Ambrose to be played, followed on Sunday with a home Handicap Pennants day against Kingston. The following weekend is the prestigious Keith Masters Green Jacket stroke round, sponsored by Wickham Flower & Co. The Ladies have their Opening Day Ambrose this Wednesday, with a pooled lunch, followed by Pennants at Naracoorte on Monday April 7th, and the Keith Pharmacy Stroke round on the next Wednesday. The season is off to a flying start and the course will continue to present a beautiful challenge to anyone who plays it.

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