When you have a ‘stroke’ at Golf

Dr Grover

There are many ways to have a stroke at golf. The best way is the method that Graham Jones use on Saturday, the efficient way, straight, long and economical on the scorecard. So straight and economical that Graham continued his successful return to golf by winning the Geoff Barton Memorial stroke round on Saturday with an 89/ Nett 70, that left him out front by a stroke from Mark Wachtel. With the pennant team taking the day off to prepare for the semi final at Lucindale, a pleasing turnout of over 20 players still took to the course. The man they couldn’t catch however was Jones, who topped off his day with the Nearest the Pin on the 4th, where he was unsuccessful with a 4 metre downhill putt for birdie.

But Graham Jones’ method is not the only method of getting a ‘stroke’ at golf, as Daren O’Neill can attest. Playing a solid round O’Neill managed to wipe out any possible success with two ‘9s’, the first on the 16th where misadventure in the woods was repeated then followed by chipping treachery in the super velcro on the edge of the green. The second ‘9’ was on the seventh, where a stroke was almost brought on by his second shot. Caught behind a tree after his tee shot, O’Neill lined up to punch back onto the fairway, only to lose control hitting through the tree debris, causing the ball to rebound off the tree….and then his head! Through the disoriented and maddening haze O’Neill finished the round with a Nett 77. Myles Hannemann, when hearing of O’Neill’s misfortune took it upon himself to complete the 16th with 11 shots, and followed this up with a mishap on the 2nd hole where he failed to reach the Ladies tee with his drive, rumour has it this occurred on another hole as well.

A range of scores came in, but in the A Grade Shaun Groth held his own with a Nett 73 to win the grade, while in the B Grade Tim Hedges and Pete Rivett were the best of the rest with Nett 73s. The C Grade saw Wachtel the clear winner, with Jim Gelton coming in with a Nett 74 and Don Cook on Nett 75 while Barb Little won the battle of the Ladies with a Nett 79. The greens were regularly hit, with Tyler Bleasby making a return to the game with Nearest the Pins on the 9th and 11th holes, and Brenton Goldsmith scoring on the 14th, and hitting the par 4 green on the 13th to wipe out any other possible Nearest the Pin (second shot) with his putt!

Ladies battle through the heat

The Ladies meanwhile came out on Wednesday to enjoy a high standard of golf in the warm weather. Players worked up a sweat in the heat and came in with rosy red cheeks for the first round of the Rewa Densley Memorial, the first round of the Laurel Wreath and a Stabelford round, sponsored by the Willalooka Tavern. Winners of matches on the day were Merrilyn Hilton, Michelle Moreton, Lesleigh Edwards, Heather Cook, Sandy Yates and Carol Miller.

It has been a good season for new players and this week the Ladies welcomed Lauren Hampton for her first game. The 36+ matchplay also commenced on Wednesday and Jane Ricker burst out of the blocks with a successful start. Anthea Brinkworth, while not having a winning day on the card had a spectacular first hole when she teed off and proceeded to hit the green with her second shot! Unfortunately for Anthea the eagle putt was followed by a missed birdie putt, but a great achievement all the same.

In the Stableford competition, Jane Ricker completed a successful day with a 38 point round, she was followed by Di Ashby on 35 points and Heather Cook on 34. All the Nearest the Pins were claimed except the 11th hole, Michelle Moreton scoring on the 4th hole, while Lesleigh Edwards hit the 9th and Marg Groth got the Nearest in Two on the 14th hole. The 5th fairway was the choice for the straightest drive this week and Gill Brook played it to perfection to win the prize.

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